Thursday 24th May 2018

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    About Global CMO™

    Since its founding in 2005 Global Marketing Network has been resolutely committed to raising standards in Marketing Practice worldwide, and to the development of a stronger, better respected and more unified Marketing Profession.

    This vision is now widely-supported worldwide by Marketing and Business leasers from both academia and industry. In addition the perils facing the modern CMO have also been well-documented in publications such as Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, McKinsey Quarterly, Fast Company, Strategy+Business and others.

    And, as recently as October 2011 IBM released it’s first-ever Global CMO Study which GMN wholeheartedly endorsed as essential reading.

    The Chief Marketing Officers of today require new capabilities in strategic management and leadership, a deeper understanding of the empowered consumer and how to reach them through digital marketing and social media, an ability to create more profitable customers, a clearer evaluation of how to develop global marketing strategies and a tighter grip on the finances.

    As a result we are now launching a number of new initiatives during 2013 around the in association with our Strategic Partners and Faculty Members under the new ‘family brand’, Global CMO™.