Friday 19th January 2018

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    Aims and Objectives

    Since its founding in 2005 Global Marketing Network has been resolutely committed to raising standards in Marketing Practice worldwide, and to the development of a stronger, better respected and more unified Marketing Profession. This vision is now widely-supported worldwide by Marketing and Business leasers from both academia and industry.

    The Marketing Leaders of today an tomorrow require new capabilities in strategic management and leadership, a deeper understanding of the empowered consumer and how to reach them through digital marketing and social media, an ability to create more profitable customers, a clearer evaluation of how to develop global marketing strategies and a tighter grip on the finances.

    This year we are launching the Global Marketing Standards Council to identify the capabilities that are required by today’s Marketing Professionals worldwide. With an estimated 20 million people working in a definable marketing role in the world, coupled with widespread acceptance of the need for marketers to become more professional, there is both a very sizeable market, and a clear driver for change.

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