Thursday 24th May 2018

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    Code of Conduct


    Global Marketing Network (GMN) is the global accreditation body for Marketing Professionals.


    Global Marketing Network’s vision is for a strong, unified and respected Marketing Profession, worldwide, achieved through the raising of standards within it.

    To achieve this, GMN has adopted four global strategic programmes:

    • Realising the aspirations of Marketers worldwide;
    • Raising standards in Marketing practice;
    • Putting Marketers back in the Boardroom;
    • Supporting today’s Marketing Professionals around the world.


    In an era of globalisation, just as organisations and brands are judged against global standards of performance, so are Marketing Professionals. Global Accreditation with Global Marketing Network means that:

    • Marketing Professionals can demonstrate to their peers and the wider business community that they have achieved globally established standards of marketing practice, have been recognised worldwide for their achievements and are committed to their own continuing professional development;
    • Employers can identify increasingly who are the most capable people in the profession - and to help them do so a full, current listing of Professional Members of GMN will be maintained online in the directory on GMN’s Official Online Community, Global CMO;
    • The Marketing Profession can look forward to standards rising worldwide as GMN's vision is realised, to the mutual benefit of all concerned.


    • Ambassador : All members are ambassadors of Global Marketing Network and must therefore conduct themselves in a manner which both upholds and enhances the reputations of GMN, the Marketing Profession, and GMN's members collectively and individually.
    • Compliance : All members shall, for as long as they continue in Professional Membership, comply with GMN's Code of Conduct and, above all, the Law.
    • Integrity : All members shall conduct their professional work and relationships with integrity, honesty and objectivity, and with due regard for the welfare of the people, the organisations and the environment with whom and with which they interact and impact.
    • Competence : All members, as a condition of GMN membership, agree that they will take all reasonable steps to maintain, enhance and where necessary acquire through Continuing Professional Development appropriate professional competencies, throughout their careers.

    Code of Conduct

    Applicable to all Professional Members of Global Marketing Network, and to all directors, staff, advisors, and, where relevant, suppliers.

    Professional Members shall:

    • act with care and competence in their professional Marketing work, and perform Marketing services only in their areas of current competence;
    • maintain up-to-date knowledge and skills in Marketing;
    • not knowingly mislead, nor allow others to be misled, in Marketing matters;
    • shall review and present all material honestly, accurately and without bias;
    • shall be alert to the ways in which their work derives from and impacts on the work of others;
    • declare conflicts of interest and avoid deceptive acts, and take all reasonably practicable steps to prevent bribery, other corrupt practices, and professional misconduct;
    • act for their employer and/or clients in a reliable and trustworthy manner, and in so doing ensure that all their work and that of others they may manage is lawful and justified;
    • recognise the importance of socio-economic and environmental factors, and minimise/justify any adverse effect on wealth creation, the natural environment and social justice;
    • act honourably, responsibly, and lawfully, thereby upholding the reputation, standing and dignity of the Marketing Profession in general and Global Marketing Network in particular;
    • identify and be aware of the issues that Marketing raises for society, and listen to the aspirations and concerns of others;
    • promote actively both within and outside the Marketing Profession the impact and benefits of marketing achievements;
    • co-operate with any reasonable request made under the GMN Disciplinary Policy by an Investigating Panel, and/or Disciplinary Board, and/or an Appeal Hearing carrying out their functions.


    The Board of Global Marketing Network shall, for the purpose of discharging its duties and in order to deliver the stated vision and mission of the organisation, maintain and enforce a Code of Conduct for members and may, from time to time, amend or rescind any or all of the Code of Conduct to be observed by members with regard to their conduct (and in any respect which may be relevant to their position or intended position as members), and, further, may publish directions and/or guidelines as to conduct which is to be regarded as fit and proper, or improper (as the case may be).