Thursday 24th May 2018

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    Executive Board

    Global Marketing Network Limited is governed by a Board of directors, comprising three Directors – two being executive directors,  one being a non-executive director. The board is also supported by a small number of Special Advisors.

    The Board formulates the overall strategies and policies for the organisation. It is also responsible for ensuring the availability of adequate capital and managerial resources to implement the strategies adopted, the adequacy of systems of financial and internal control, and the conduct of business in conformity with applicable laws and regulations.

    The Board meets regularly and with a majority of directors in person or through teleconference.

    Role of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

    The roles of the Chairman of the Board and the CEO of the company are segregated to ensure their respective independence, accountability and responsibility.

    The Chairman takes the lead in formulating overall strategies and policies of the company, ensures the effective performance by the Board of its functions, including compliance with good corporate governance practices and encourages and facilitates active contribution of Directors in Board activities.

    The Chairman also ensures that all Directors are properly briefed on issues arising at Board meetings and have received adequate, complete and reliable information in a timely manner.

    The Chief Executive is responsible for managing day-to-day operations of GMN and executing the strategies adopted by the Board. The  Chief Executive is also accountable to the Board for the implementation of the company’s overall strategies, and coordination of overall business operations.

    Non-Executive Directors

    Non-Executive Directors provide a wide range of expertise and experience and bring independent judgement on issues relating to GMN strategies, development, performance and risk management through their contribution at Board meetings.

    Global Advisory Council

    GMN is endorsed by some of the world’s leading marketing academics and practitioners, represented through the GMN Global Advisory Council. This body consists of invited individuals who contribute to the design, development and delivery of Global Marketing Network qualifications, accreditations, curriculum, policy and programme development.

    This assures Marketing Professionals that they will be accredited and certified against the highest possible standards in the world, ensuring that those delivery partners that GMN collaborates with around the world deliver and administer GMN Global Certification and Global Accreditation programmes to the very highest possible standards and that.

    For the current list of Executive Board members and Global Advisory Council members click here.