Thursday 24th May 2018

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    Global CMO™ The Magazine Editorial Board

    The role of the Editorial Board is to advise and support the Editor-in-Chief, who has overall responsibility for the content of the magazine

    The role of the Editorial Board is to :

    • Review articles for the Editor-in-Chief on a regular basis
    • Provide second opinions on articles submitted by contributors
    • Contribute suggestions for subject matter and potential authors
    • Act as an ambassador for the magazine, helping to promote it to authors, readers and potential distributors
    • Provide input into editorial strategy

    Members making up the board currently are from each area of the Global Marketing Network 'family' (excluding the Board of Directors), headed up by the Editor-in-Chief.

    David Hood

    GMN Online Community Director

    Prof Greg Marshall

    GMN Programme Director for Contemporary Selling and Sales Management

    Dr Anthony Michail

    South Africa and Africa

    MaryLee Sachs

    GMN Global CMO Czar

    Prof Michael Solomon

    GMN Programme Director for Consumer Behaviour

    Fiona Vesey

    Editor-in-Chief of Global CMO™ The Magazine

    Andrew Vesey

    Founder and Creator of Global CMO™ The Magazine

    Dr Kellie Vincent

    Part of the GMN Membership Committee and MBA Director at Oxford Brookes University