Thursday 24th May 2018

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    Global CMO™ The Magazine

    Our official magazine brings Marketing Professionals every month the very latest and best practices in Marketing and bridges the gap between Marketing theory and Marketing practice.

    It will feature thought-leadership interviews, the latest research, reviews of currently recommended books, upcoming events and programmes, case studies and thoughtprovoking articles, each designed to inspire, educate and inform.

    Featured contributors will include leading Marketing scholars, respected Marketing practitioners and authors, including members of Global Marketing Network’s awardwinning Global Faculty, each recognised in their own right for leading the advancement of Marketing practice worldwide.

    Collectively responsible for combined book sales of more than one million worldwide they have published thousands of peer-reviewed research papers, are Editors or sit on the Editorial Boards of leading marketing journals, are in constant demand to speak at conferences worldwide, and are often cited or quoted in the media, and have been recognised by their peers for their professional and academic achievement.

    Each issue is overseen by an editorial board thus assuring Marketing Professionals that they will receive the highest possible standards of content.

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