Thursday 24th May 2018

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    Global CMO

    The perils facing the modern Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) have been well-documented in recent publications such as Bloomberg BusinessWeek, McKinsey Quarterly, Fast Company, and others.

    Many have complained about CEO underutilisation of the CMO perspective in making important business-level decisions, charging that CEOs do not realise that the absence of a CMO perspective can negatively impact long-term organisational performance success.

    New capabilities in new product design, brand development, strategic management and leadership, a deeper understanding of the empowered consumer and how to reach them through digital marketing and social media, an ability to create more profitable customers, a clearer evaluation of how to develop global marketing strategies and a better grip on the finances are all requirements for the CMO in today’s challenging 21st century business environment.

    Global CMO The Programme addresses the critical issues facing you in the face of these dramatically-changing and increasingly global Marketing and business challenges. It provides continuing professional development support to those who have attained the very highest standards of Marketing performance and want to continue to improve their own and their organisation’s performance.

    Designed and delivered by leading members of the GMN Global Faculty, each a recognised world-leading expert in their discipline, the Programme responds directly to the very latest research which has been undertaken into CMO, enabling you to operate more effectively in your leadership role, integrate the very latest Marketing practices into your organisation’s strategy and improve your own as well as your organisation’s or your clients performance.