Thursday 24th May 2018

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    Marketing Week Masterclass 2013 – Dr Markus PfeifferBy Marketing Week Conferences

    Today’s successful Marketing Leaders need to know how to design and implement a global digital strategy.

    Empowered consumers can ‘see-and-say-more’ about the organisations that serve them than ever before – and in today’s digital world the consumer is in control.

    The opportunity to better understand a customer’s experience on websites and mobile devices now presents a major competitive advantage for businesses. To succeed in this challenging environment companies must create relevance with consumers and understand how changes are affecting their whole value chain and not only communications.

    This Masterclass helps senior Marketing executives expand their range of knowledge and capabilities in this fast-moving area, helping participants put the customer at the centre of the business and help them develop winning digital strategies that go beyond communications.

    You will learn:

    This Masterclass takes a broad approach to digital strategy while exploring key issues in depth. By the end of the Masterclass participants will have:-

    • An understanding of how to implement outside-in driven digital strategies
    • A view of the latest trends, tools and success cases
    • A winning digital strategy for creating customer relevance and accelerated growth within your organisation
    • A game plan for aligning the organisation and its capabilities behind the new digital strategy