Saturday 16th February 2019

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    Nasser JamalkhanGMN Programme Director for Global Outsourcing and Country Director for Kuwait, Mauritius, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Senegal

    Nasser Jamalkhan is the founder of Open Source Development Ltd and a Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Hertfordshire (UK). As a former CEO he is a professional consultant and a certified trainer to global businesses.

    Nasser started his career working with global teams and became involved in the outsourcing of non-core operations, in so doing gaining knowledge of their international cultures and their business ethics. In these roles he became an early pioneer for product development, adaptation and branding.

    He then became the International Business Development director and CIO of a group of companies which were diversifying products and services around the world. During that time he had the opportunity to develop collaborations with Universities and setup offshore Business-facing Schools with links to industry. This led him to becoming a visiting professor at universities in North America, Europe and in Africa.

    Over the past 20 years his interests in research, training and conferences across the world has provided him a wealth of knowledge of consumer behaviours, ethics and culture across the world. He designs and implements accredited professional development programmes in Global Marketing and Outsourcing which are credited with CPD hours and earn points towards professional qualifications. His client portfolio is mainly in the EMEA countries for FMCG organisations and their products.

    As well as being a GMN Fellow, Nasser is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. A Computer Science graduate he holds an MBA with Specialisation in E-commerce. He is very active in the area of research on global marketing and outsourcing matters. He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing from the University of Natal (South Africa). Nasser also became one of the first Certified Outsourcing Professionals in the USA and is a Professional member of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals headquartered in New York.