Thursday 24th May 2018

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    Our Global President

    Dr Jagdish N Sheth

    Charles H.Kellstadt Professor of Marketing,

    Goizueta Business School, Emory University, USA.

    Global President's Message

    Marketing needs a makeover, and no more so than now. Whilst marketing is an important societal and business function that serves to align the forces of the free market with the needs and desires of the people, it has had a serious image problem for some time with most of its key stakeholders.

    Global problems demand global solutions and the marketing profession needs to become stronger today, for tomorrow, worldwide. It also needs to work more closely with other business functions, and to collaborate with them - not just through the recession, but beyond it. Bottom line, it needs to weed out the malpractices that beset it, and become more professional.

    It is vital that, across the world we enable marketers to become ever more capable, and that we encourage the development of a strong, supportive and well-respected profession.

    We invite you to become associated with Global Marketing Network and demonstrate your commitment to raising standards and capabilities in marketing practice, in the interests of creating a stronger, more capable and better respected profession, worldwide.