Thursday 24th May 2018

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    Who we are, what we do

    The Global Marketing Network (GMN) is the Global Accreditation Body for Marketing Professionals. With over 30,000 Members worldwide we aim to inspire, educate and inform the Marketing Leaders of today and tomorrow, wherever they live and work in the world;

    Our vision is for a strong, unified and respected Marketing Profession, worldwide, achieved through the raising of standards within it. And, with an estimated 20 million people working in a definable marketing role in the world, coupled with widespread acceptance of the need for marketers to become more professional, there is both a very sizable market, and a clear driver for change;

    Considerable support has been secured over the last five years for our vision from leading Marketing scholars, experts, authors and industry leaders, and from the reputable organisations which we are delighted to have enlisted and welcomed as partners including national marketing associations, leading business schools and highly-regarded publishing and media partners;

    Our vision is achieved through four key strategic programmes:

    Realizing the aspirations of Marketing Professionals worldwide

    by recognizing and rewarding educational and professional achievements through awarding GMN Professional Membership and Fellowship to individuals who satisfy GMN professional membership entry criteria, as assessed by the GMN Membership Committee against our globally established standards of practice.

    Raising standards in marketing practice

    by helping businesses achieve greater profitability and return on investment through a relentless focus, in all that we do, on what actually matters to people in business in the 21st century, through the design and development of global certification programmes, executive education programmes and conferences, delivered through an international network of accredited delivery partners.

    Putting Marketing Professionals back in the Boardroom

    by enabling employers to insist on and recruit the best and most up-to-date Marketing Professionals with the introduction of GMN’s Global Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Scheme and by identifying those Marketing Professionals who are Globally Accredited by profiling them in the GMN Professional Membership and Fellowship Directory - only accessible on Global CMO™ The Community.

    Supporting today's Marketing Professionals around the world

    by enabling them to be more knowledgeable, capable and better networked, leading to improved employ-ability, promote-ability and, ultimately, rewards - wherever they live and work in the world – through connecting through Global CMO™ The Community, sharing best practices through Global CMO™ The Magazine and other Global CMO™ initiatives designed to raise standards in Marketing practice, as well as to educate and inspire the Marketing Leaders of today and tomorrow.

    Whilst there is (as yet) no external nor legislative imperative for Global Accreditation for marketers, considerable support has been secured over the last five years for GMN’s vision - not least from the senior marketing practitioners and academics that have joined GMN’s Advisory Council and Global Faculty, and from the reputable organizations GMN is delighted to have enlisted and welcomed as strategic partners.

    GMN is the only worldwide body dedicated to raising standards in the marketing profession and to delivering a wider vision which has been developed with and received wide support from amongst the most senior players in the profession.