Thursday 24th May 2018

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    Contribute to the development of your Profession

    As organisations around the world strive to develop products and services that appeal to their customers and aim to differentiate their offerings in the increasingly-crowded global marketplace it is perhaps not surprising that marketing is being embraced increasingly in board rooms across the world, with more and more graduates reccognising the attractiveness of a career in marketing.

    Undoubtedly the role of Marketing is taking increasing prominence in our globally, digitised world.

    And as it does the demands on Marketing Professionals are becoming ever-greater and the need to differentiate yourself and enhance your capabilities becomes even more necessary.

    Our commitment is to developing a stronger, better respected Marketing Profession. Together, we feel, we are stronger.

    Benefits for you

    By joining GMN, the Global Accreditation Body for Marketing Profesionals you will be able to demonstrate to your peers, clients and employers that you:-

    • Have achieved globally established standards
    • Have been recognised worldwide for your Marketing achievements
    • Are committed to your own continuing professional development
    • Are committed to raising standards in the Marketing Profession,
    • Want to leave a lasting legacy and help develop the next generation of Marketing

    Benefits for organisations

    In addition:-

    • our world-class professional development programmes enable organisations to obtain the capabilities they need to improve their marketing performance
    • our global accreditation assures organisations that they are only recruiting and retaining Marketing Professionals who meet globally-established standards and are committed to their continuing professional development

    And benefits for the Marketing Profession

    • Becoming a GMN Professional Member, accredited against global-standards, helps put Marketers on a par with colleagues from other Boardroom professions
    • Using the designatory letters awarded to you helps us all to reinforce the perceptions both within and indeed outside the Marketing Profession that the Profession is at last getting its act together
    • Participating in GMN’s structured CPD helps GMN create a more capable Marketing Profession - now and into the future
    • Joining the senior marketers from around the world who have already become GMN Professional Members helps GMN create a stronger, better respected and more unified Marketing Profession
    • The larger the GMN Membership, the more effective GMN is likely to be able to be, on your behalf, and on behalf of the Marketing Profession at large